by Mooneater

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released July 1, 2014

Music and lyrics by Mooneater

Produced by Pete Graves and Mooneater

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Pete Graves

Artwork by Ferg Kirkman



all rights reserved


Mooneater England, UK

We are Mooneater

Hailing from the South West of the UK, our goal is to spread the word of Luxury Metal across the land

We’ll make waves where there’s no water

Transcendence EP - 01.07.14
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Track Name: Transcendence Pt I
The only limit that I impose on myself
Is not to listen to my imagination
I am a realist, look at the evidence
Become a futurist, where can we go from here?

I'll make waves where there's no water, to break the calm
Shattering walls to bring disorder
I'll shift the tides and show what's been drowning under
Revealing what we've all become

This time is all we have to make a change
This life is all we have to see our mistakes

Grab on for this ride
Transcend into another life

Bring yourself back from the edge
Brace your mind for times that lie ahead

Is this all we have?
Can we change our direction?
We're waking up to a bitter end
We're waking up to start again

Let's build a better future
Track Name: In Turmoil
Stare out into the distance
A future unfolding beyond

Standing between
Your conscience and your goals
Unable to find the balance
Unyielding to fall

Desperately seeking, solace in advice
Atonement, redemption
Inviting they entice
Longing for answers to give unto yourself
Patience in the maelstrom
Let truth reveal itself

Keeping back your desire
Let the yearning take a hold
I survived but lost it all
My fortune left to fade

Ignoring those who force their way
Stubborn to my last dying breath
Feeding your burning senses
This world is at your finger tips

Embrace the changes
Feel the wind upon your face

Waiting for it all to end

To shift this balance
Something has to give
Break this cycle
With our sweat and tears

The familiar pull beneath your feet
Limbs swinging heavy
Breath falling short

Keeping back your desire
Let the yearning take a hold
I survived but lost it all
My fortune left to fade out
Into the darkness
The light of her eyes
Meets your own
Stare out into the distance
A future unfolding beyond

Try to break your limit.
Track Name: In Control
Can’t take it back
Just to face another empty day
I can't run out
Else I'll feel the consequences tearing me away

Fuck, this is another sign
I need to change my ways
So far behind in time
Wait for it all to end

I close these eyes to drift away but nothing changes
Trapped inside reality, I have to get free

Take it back
Just to lose myself in doubt again
I can't let go of all these memories
Keeping sleep away

I'll take what's mine
To feel it, to feel it burning deep inside
We've crossed this line
Because I need it, I need it to survive this damaged life

I close these eyes to drift away but nothing changes
Trapped inside reality, I have to get free
Track Name: Altruism
Recognise the failures that you hide inside these walls
Give into confusion then take control of it all
Grab onto fate and steer it clear lead us away
With nothing left to show but a bleeding heart

You can never hope to change
But we can make a difference
Come together for another
And take all their pain away

I feel alive when we collide
Our hearts in overdrive, with watered eyes
I'll free my mind when this fear subsides
An altruistic life leads me blind

The progress we make is never enough
But if we give up now we'll fall apart, we will fail

Take it upon yourself to do the righteous thing
But who am I to judge when I can't help myself
I face, I face it all alone, unfaltering but unprepared

Empty words save no one, only actions make you strong

So come with me once more, this hand I offer anew
Alone you are no more, this trust we have renewed
Track Name: Transcendence Pt II
Fall into my open arms
Feel free to leave your fear behind
Our differences make us stronger
When combined we stand against them all
Beyond the scene we have made

You kneel with open wounds, your heart beats faster still
Blood drenched battlefields
Your legacy enshrined, all for the greater good?
Have we lost our way?

We can't let go, tears cutting through the red
We can't hold on, their story says it all
We can't let go, through until the end
We can't hold on, our fates will collide
Our fates will collide

Our trust held firm
Through every task that we faced
But do these ends justify our means
Of all the lives we've erased

I'll take what's mine, to feel it
To feel it burning deep inside
Upon reflection it all seems rather moot
No revelation to ever be had

Bring this disaster upon ourselves
But look at all that we've created now
Transcended into a higher state
Beyond our limits, beyond our wildest dreams

Follow the instincts that have served you well
Revolution at hand, don't lose your grip
The pride of the illusion
Enough confidence to fall away
Courage and honour mean nothing
When faced with insurmountable odds

I'll make waves where there's no water
To break the calm
Open up your wounds and reach inside
Forging further into your conviction, the unknown
Commit to the fucking cause, commit to the cause

This life is all that we have (all that we have)
To make a change (change)

Dissonant your voice rings in our ears
Your words fall short, our path remains unclear
Push harder past the void and reach this end
Anticipation of your deep regret
Further, deeper, reaching and failing